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Expohal, Hilversum, Holland, Oct 6th, 1985

The entire performance lasted about 20 minutes, with Mark answering questions from the audience (of about 40 Level 42 fans), and he played familiar licks with the aid of a drum machine.

Listen to Part 1, then Part 2. The movie below is Part 3!

This show has become known in the US as "The Namm show". Mark was there to demonstrate the JD and his Trace Elliott amps. There are 2 recordings of the show, audience and soundboard. And recently a video of the Expohal encore has surfaced on YouTube courtesy of Riesjard29! This was the first time I got to meet Mark King.

Then it was the monday morning after the Namm show. Mark had said that the band would gig on November 28th, so that probably meant a new single and album, but no news yet. Now Dutch radio networks would pick a new song every week and plug it heavily by playing it every hour on the hour. Depending on the network it was called Alarm schijf (Veronica), Parade plaat (Tros), Steun plaat (Nos, in Frits Spits' Avondspits) or Radio en Televisie tip (Avro). Around 7AM (when the broadcasting started), I'm brushing my teeth with the radio on, and out of the blue I hear Something About You introduced by Mark King. I have to find that mp3 :-)

Before the show on November 28th, 1985 Ferry Maat interviewed Mark King during the Soulshow. I have to find that mp3 too :-)

On May 23rd 1998 when Winston Walker presented Mark King with hisvery own copy on CD.

Winston made the CD using the masters of both recordings and I designed the cover. You can see the above picture of Mark on the cover of the CD.

Mark actually remembered the show and was quite surprised to get a recording of it so many years later.

Bonus tracks included Freedom, Freedom-a-GoGo and the 6 minute bass solo from the Leeuwarden '84 show.
Special thanks to Richard, Wytze, Lydia, Maarten, Machteld and Piek, who were there at the Expohal with me. And thanks to Theresa for the picture.

In 1998 the Expohal was demolished and the Dudokcollege was built in its place.

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