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Vredenburg Utrecht Holland - Nov 28th, 1985
This is the 2nd time I met Mark.
He actually drew the glasses and the mustache and beard when I showed him the pic backstage at the Madonna show.

Take a look at the virtual tour of Muziekcentrum Vredenburg in Utrecht!

Here in RealAudio is a 3 minute interview by Ferry Maat with Mark King on the phone right before the show. (Ferry Maat is a Dutch DJ and it was in his Soulshow on TROS radio that the Dronten '81 and the Enschede '91 show were broadcast).

(I didn't write 'em, I just translate 'em - Carl)

Level 42 offer smooth entertaiment

UTRECHT - Wildly greeted by a loudly whistling audience, to a backdrop of the emblem of the latest album "World Machine", the British band Level 42 was in our country for a one night only performance, very similar to the last show. This band plays white soul-, funk- and discomusic, most of the time highly danceable. Following the trend, jazz rock elements have just about disappeared, in accordance with their functioning as a kind of living jukebox, operating on the principle of giving a certain audience what it wants most. However, we are still dealing with a bunch of very competent musicians, that create a sound that is rock solid. Level 42 is a well greased entertainment machine, which can do no wrong. The studio- and live-sound are so similar that differences are mere nuances. The band has changed two things since their last album: there was a female backing-vocalist and the saxophone was more prominent than on the record. The band's rythm has an almost mechanical precision and is usually close to 115 Bpm (Beats per minute). A prominent role was put aside for master bassplayer Mark King who made his instrument produce a metallic sound. Besides the saxophone, now and then almost free jazzy, guitar and keyboards have solos regularly. The (falsetto) vocals of the band are a little corny. After an energetic start with, among others, the old hit "Love Games", the title song of the latest album and the old single "Turn it on", the band mixed it up a little by playing some slow songs halfway thru the show, changing it around again by playing an instrumental jazzrock piece after all.

Ron Blansjaar

CONCERT: Level 42. Line-up: Mark King (vocals, bass), Mike Lindup (keyboars, vocals), Boon Gould (guitar), Phil Gould (drums), saxophone-player, female backing vocalist. Date and place: november 28th in the Muziekcentrum.

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