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Anaheim Stadium, L.A., USA - July 18th, 1987
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I happened to be backstage at this show, unfortunately without a camera, but with a Dutch flag with "Holland" on it. A bit out of focus, and without glasses (I still wore contacts), but it's definitely me with the flag :-).

(Photo by Julian Wasser - FOR INTERNET USE ONLY - Courtesy of Paul Crockford)

Very special thanks to
Paul Selwood, the lighting guy,
who got me this pass.

Mark signed this right around the time this pic down here to the left was taken. I asked him where the band was going to play next (just like I did at the Expohal; listen to the tape), and he said they were doing a 6 week tour by themselves starting in August. Well, it wasn't until October 3rd that I saw the band again in Phoenix, but that's a different story...

Apparently NOT the only existing shot of the show

Mark at Anaheim Stadium, exactly the same view that I had on stage-right at the show...

These two pix are from a copy of some gossip rag article. (But that is definitely me and I got the tape from his thumb)

My unused ticket (for obvious reasons)
Why is this so cool?
Well, this show never happened...
(at least not with Level 42)

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