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Leicester De Montfort Hall - Jan 29th, 1999

     On Friday January 29th, 1999, a group of U.S. Digesters made the long trip to the U.K. to see the last 3 gigs of Mark King's ONE MAN Tour. From the East Coast, New York, Dallas, Seattle & the West Coast, we all flew in to Heathrow and were met by Adz & Chris and the Funky Bus!
     After an interesting drive on the U.K. freeways, we made it to Leicester and checked in to The Spindle, a nice little family run bed and breakfast, within walking distance of The Leicester De Monfort Hall.
     RIGHT: Here's us on the stairway at The Spindle in our tour shirts. (Don Z was with us too but he's not in the picture, and neither are Simon Webb and Dan James). I'm holding a picture that I would give to Mark later that night.
     We then walked over to the De Montfort Hall, made the obligatory visit to the bar, and congregated in front of the stage. It was a very exciting night since for some of us this was the very first time they would get to see Mark King play live!
     BELOW: Bilal who took care of most (if not all) the tickets for us, joined us up front. Loz Green was there, and later we found out Eric Wheeler was there as well.

(Pictures courtesy of Winston Walker, Bill Wilson & Chris Dickman)

LEFT: Laurel and I with Mark King at the front of the stage at the Leicester De Montfort Hall.

From The Leicester Mercury:

King is moving up a level

Mark King, De Montfort Hall
Review by Steve England

"MARK King is stepping out of the 80s as lead singer with Level 42 into the new millennium with a new band.
     His style of playing bass guitar by slapping and plucking with accentuated sound is infectious as he fronts a talented trio of drums, guitar and keyboards.
Smoke and effective lighting added to the atmosphere, as King began with recent numbers from his One Man album and ended with well-loved Level 42 songs.
     If ever there was perfection on stage, then Mark practically attained it with a particularly polished performance.
     There seemed to be a convention of his fans as around 50 of them crowded in front of the stage - something not allowed in earlier years.
     Eventually, he had everyone on their feet, which was just as well, because he had come to the end of the set. There the audience remained, continually applauding, until he re-appeared for an encore.
     One special mention of support act Stargirl - watch out for the name, the group is going places. Unfortunately, the auditorium was like Paddington Station during their turn, but that did not deter them from a good performance."

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