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The White Funky

Almost There
Turn it on
Last Chance
Dune Tune
Eyes Waterfalling
The Chinese Way
Foundation & Empire
Love Games
Are You Hearing..?

The only cd bootleg produced by a company (as far as I know, but there seems to be another awful quality bootleg called "Lessons In Live"). "The White Funky" is a live show in Zurich '83 of decent sound quality that has been edited to fit on 1 CD. "Almost There" is faded in, the intro of "Dune Tune" is cut short and "Foundation & Empire" is only a little over 2 minutes long.

The CD is available with 2 different sleeves. The top one is the one in my collection and the one to the left is Chris Dickman's.

On the back of the CD "Heathrow" is called "Heatrow" and "The Chinese Way" is called "The Chinese Wall".

(Scans courtesy of Chris Dickman)

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