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Boon Gould - Tin Man
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The Tin Man
Don't Walk Away
Kick Or The Kiss
Baby I know
Ever The Way
Sleepy People
Every Day
One From The Heart
How Deep Is Your Heart
Growing Wild In The Desert
Tears Me Down

- Drums and Percussion
- Vocals
- Slide Guitar
- Keyboard sounds on 'Baby I Know'
- Everything Else


Cofounder, cowriter and guitar player of Level 42 in the 1980's. Born on the Isle Of Wight. Usual schooling until he decided the guitar was more important than a science degree. In bands on the Island thru the 1970's ending up in California for six months in 1979 with Mark King who became the front man for Level 42 the following year.

Formed the band Level 42 with brother Phillip and a friend of his from music school. Mark had been a drummer but switched to Bass because Phillip played drums, Boon was a Bass player so he had to switch to guitar and so it remained. Level 42 started off with a cult following gradually building up with one or two hits a year until 1985 when things really took off.

Boon cowrote several of the hits including Something About You and Lessons In Love which was a European #1 and both went Top Ten in America. Level 42's European tour in 1987 included 12 Wembley arena and 5 N.E.C's. Later that year while on tour in America Boon felt it was time to leave the band, so he left. The Stress of constant touring got the better of him and he found he was totally lost.

Spent the next few years working on finding himself and his music. Finally he felt ready in 1994 to actually commit to making an album. The album is caled TIN MAN and contains 12 tracks all written and produced by Boon. It was released on the Resurgence record label.

Boon is currently writing a new album and putting a band together to go on the road early next year. There is also another solo album in the can for release in 1996. He feels the time is right for a major period of intense work before finally hanging up his guitar forever and moving on to the next phase.

He currently resides in a castle in Devon England thus making for many of the attributes of his current album Tin Man. All Boon wanted was to be in a band and make an album. Without knowing how or why it all came to pass and for that he is very grateful.

(signed) Boon

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After Level 42's last tour and subsequent disbanding, Boon recorded his solo album, which also features Annie McCaig on vocals. Boon thanks Bernie Goodfellows for making the best basses, which are now also played by Mark King.

For the charity project "The Anti Heroin Project" Boon contributed "Head Full Of Shadows" (again with Annie McCaig).
Me, Boon and Laurel at Shepherd's Bush Me, Boon and Laurel after the Shepherd's Bush show. Boon was there along with former Level 42 manager Paul Crockford, former Level 42 guitarist Jakko Jakszyk and former Level 42 drummer Gary Husband.

I think Boon was a bit surprised by all the attention he received from the Level 42 Digesters.

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