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Dreams & Visions VCD

Download the cover!
(5.7 Mb zipped pdf file)
NOTE: As of 4/15/03 no new requests are being taken anymore. Enough copies are out there now, so if you are looking for a copy post to the Level 42 Digest and/or Level 42 Web Digest.

Are You Hearing..?
Weave Your Spell
Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
Guaranteed (version 1)
Guaranteed (version 2)
My Father's Shoes (version 1)
My Father's Shoes (version 2)
Forever Now
All Over You (original version)
All Over You (split screen version)
Love In A Peaceful World
Bitter Moon

Level 42 Dreams & Visions is a BY THE FANS FOR THE FANS UNOFFICIAL VCD video compilation with all unreleased Level 42 videoclips.

This disc contains all the videoclips that were never released to the public. It covers the Pursuit Of Accidents, Standing In The Light, Guaranteed and Forever Now eras. The best available sources were used, and in many cases the original VHS promo tapes. To obtain the best possible sound, all tracks have been digitally remastered with the original CD music tracks. The disc contains a simple and attactive menu system, including moving video and sound. There are also some hidden bonuses as well!

Download the What You Need To Know (108Kb pdf file) and the manual (124 Kb pdf file)
(You will need Acrobat Reader)

Dreams & Visions is NOT FOR SALE!, but has been distributed through the well known process that has already been used for previous projects (this involved sending a blank CDR and postage stamps to a volunteer copier, who would then send it back to you. No money involved!).

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