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Level 42 - Cassettes

Special thanks to Julio Aguilar from Lima, Peru, for these scans!
Peruvian editions of Level 42 albums on cassette

Special thanks to Manabu Furuya from Japan, for these scans!
guaranteed_jpcass1.jpg guaranteed_jpcass2.jpg
Japanese Guaranteed promo cassette
freecasettea.jpg freecasetteb.jpg
Micro-Kid 12" & True Colours sampler cassette

ritftape.jpg itsovertapea.jpg itsovertapeb.jpg
Running In The Family cassette It's Over cassette single

childsaytapea.jpg childsaytapeb.jpg grntdcassette1.jpg grntdcassette2.jpg etcassette1.jpg
Children Say cassette single Guaranteed cassette single Early Tapes cassette

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