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12" Singles & CD5s

Level 42 12" Singles & CD5s with track listings from the collection of Carl Mueller (with contributions by Winston Walker,
Mats Hagervik (*), Christien de Roo (**), Norm v/d Wildenberg (***), Lars-Ove Larsson (****), Roberto Vargas and Andre Simha (#)).
(NOTE: this is NOT a complete discography!)

Love Meeting Love


Turn It On


Love Games




Weave Your Spell


The Chinese Way


Are You Hearing..?


Out Of Sight Out Of Mind


The Sun Goes Down




Hot Water


Hot Water (U.S.)


The Chant Has Begun


Physical Presence EP *


Something About You


Leaving Me Now


Lessons In Love


Lessons In Love
(Shep Pettibone remixes)

Running In The Family


Running In The Family
Platinum Edition *

To Be With You Again


It's Over


Children Say


Heaven In My Hands


Take A Look ***




Take Care Of Yourself


Take Care Of Yourself (Ger)




Overtime Live




My Father's Shoes 1


My Father's Shoes 2


Forever Now 1


Forever Now 2 *


Forever Now 3 ****


Forever Now 4 #


All Over You 1 ****


All Over You 2 ****


All Over You 3 #


Love In A Peaceful World


Love In A Peaceful World 2 ****


The Sun Goes Down
'98 Mix feat. Omar

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