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"It's Over" videoshoot
These pictures are FOR INTERNET USE ONLY, courtesy of Paul Crockford.

Here are some pictures that were taken during the making of the "It's Over" in the U.S. in 1987. Some of the pics were used for the postcards in the Limited Edition "It's Over" 7-inch single, and of course one was used for the U.S. cover of Mark King's cd "Influences". Just recently Phil sold his Tama "Granstar" drumkit, pictured below.

It's Over (ltd.)
Boon postcard (f)
Mark postcard (f)
Mike postcard (f)
Phil postcard (f)

Influences (U.S.)

"It's Over" Videoshoot '87

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132.jpg 133.jpg 134.jpg 135.jpg
136.jpg 138.jpg 139.jpg
137.jpg 129.jpg 140.jpg 142.jpg 143.jpg 144.jpg 146.jpg

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