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Crystal Palace - Aug 8, '91
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This show was broadcast on the radio and three tracks were used for the "Overtime (Live) CD single, Overtime, Guaranteed, and If You Were. Pictures of this show ended up in the Guaranteed Tourbook.
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The setlist: Hot Water, Her Big Day, The Sun Goes Down, Overtime, Children Say, The Spirit Is Free, Leaving Me Now, Guaranteed, She Can't Help Herself, If You Were Mine, To Be With You Again, Running In The Family, Lessons In Love, Something About You, The Chinese Way, Love Games

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Overtime CD Single

Overtime (Live)
Guaranteed (Live)
If You Were Mine (Live)
Overtime (Hen Pecked Horns Mix)

RCA PD45012

recorded live at Crystal Palace Bowl '91
Also Includes Exclusive Live Fold-out picture

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