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Circus Tavern - Jul 12, 2002

(Click the image for a FULL-SIZED scan!)
     On Friday July 12th, 2002, Level 42 played their first gig back in the U.K. as Level 42 since the Royal Albert Hall Farewell gig in '94! The place was Aaron Stone's Circus Tavern in Purfleet, Essex.

The Circus Tavern Entertainment Complex
Meads Corner, A1306 (Formerly A13), Purfleet, Essex
Junction 30/31 Off M25. 1 mile from Dartford Bridge
PHONE: 01708 864001 OR 01708 867271

     The poster was made by Adrian Pepin at Wicked Design Studios. Check out his pictures. At the gig, a copy signed by Mark was auctioned off and brought in 850 pounds for the Children Say charity!

     As I was working in my office that friday afternoon, I got an email from Aaron (at 10:52PM UK Time) that Level 42 just took the stage (playing Hot Water)! Below are Aaron's pictures from the gig. Check out the setlist and the slide on the inhouse TV (on rotation all night)! Thanks a million, my friend!
blueguitargodnathan.jpg crowdgettingdown.jpg essexyouaretookind.jpg everyoneclapwithme.jpg
greenlights.jpg ijustloveithere.jpg lyndon.jpg mark&sean.jpg
mark&seanbigclap.jpg markjokingwithcrowd.jpg markkingbasssolo.jpg markkingdoinghisthing.jpg
rocknrollman.jpg seanfreemansaxsolo.jpg threemusketeers.jpg whitelights.jpg

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