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The Legendary 64 Spoons
The legendary 64 Spoons were:
  • Lyndon J. Connah - Drums, vocals & keyboard solos on Tails In The Sky and NIB
  • Tam Neal - Keyboards and vocals
  • Andrew Crawford - Bass guitar, flute and vocals
  • Ted Emmett - Trumpet, vocals and lead vocals on NIB and Weird Granny
  • Jakko M. Jakszyk - Lead vocals and guitars
It's All Overture
Aggressive Travelling
Fat Chance
Ich Bin Heidi
NIB (Synthesizer Party)
Tails In The Sky
Ivory Ball
Plonder On
Weird Granny
It's Only A Party
Dear Clare
Five Miles
Julius Caesar (Live)
This Old Man (Live)
The Do's And Dont's Of Path Laying
Landing On A Rat Column


Since 64 Spoons music has always remained an important part of my life - but somewhere in there I gave up playing the bass in favour of the Baroque flute - a real musical instrument as Ted will testify. I love the sonorous and self-indulgent beauty of the Baroque instrument [wooden, 6 holes, 1 key] and now concentrate mainly on this and later classical flutes. I play regularly with many specialist period instrument groups such as Florilegium, The Gabrieli Consort, and The London Handel Orchestra. I was also until recently a member of the western gamelan 'MetalWorks' which satisfied my occasional urge to hit things. The most recent bass playing Iıve done has been with steel pannist Rachel Hayward - and I can still remember where the notes are.

The early 80's was a time of indecision during which I played in various un-named groups, was a lorry driver and a cycle courier, studied instrument making and restoration and cycled around a lot. I soon decided to phase out the musical instrument work to concentrate on box making and now the 'Andrew Crawford - fine decorative boxes' business continues to go from strength to strength. I make ornate, expensive and sometimes very colourful boxes for those that can afford them. I regularly demonstrate at major woodwork shows, do lots of teaching and have written three books: 'The Book of Boxes' [1993] and 'Fine Decorative Wood Boxes', [1998] and 'Celebrating Boxes' [2001]. This last title was written with fellow UK box maker Peter Lloyd and was linked to a major exhibition of the same name that we organised - go to for more info. The books seem to have been very successful [... but where's the money?!] and Iım now working on 2 more titles. See my website at for more info on this and the rest of the business.

I have, of course, changed since 64 Spoons days: I now usually think before I speak - a major achievement - and I'm polite to animals in case they take over the world. In fact, I'm courteous to most life forms, but when that doesn't work I'm often very rude - a failing I know but I'm working on it. All these are steps in the right direction.

I got married in 2003 and moved from London to south Shropshire in 2004, the best two things I ever did! Music and wood are still what I enjoy: juggling my time between making, writing, demonstrating, performing, teaching ...

ANDREW CRAWFORD - fine decorative boxes
Shropshire, UK.
01694 781318

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